Nazarin - Live Version / China Tour 2013

03-09-2013, Red Candy Box 紅糖罐 Shenzhen, China.
1 2 - Eins Zwei Hoch Null feat. Mr. Monodread.

Nazarin - composed by Hui-Chun Lin.

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"Dance In Concert" - Trailer 2014

Our Performance in Juni 2014 is now in Youtube.

Music in Video:

1. "Wu" - composed by Hui-Chun Lin

2. " Tien Hai-Hai" - trad. Taiwan Song, arrang. by Hui-Chun Lin.

3. Improvisation


Free Improvisation Video in Taiwan 2012

April 2012, we were in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, making our 2nd music album. With very great musicians at very beautiful recording place. 4 days recording, we even with several free impro. recording:


Shih-Han Lin - Piano
Pei-Ju Lien - Pipa

1 2 ° - Eins Zwei Hoch Null


1 2 ° - Eins Zwei Hoch Null in "Dance in Concert 2014" Leipzig

Its 1 2 °- Eins Zwei Hoch Null! We always have lots of fun by playing our music!

Peter Kuhnsch - Percussion

Max Loeb - Eguitar/Composition

Hui-Chun Lin - Cello/Composition

We play the programm from our CD:
Invisible Message


The Portrait Performance Nov. 2013

22nd of Nov. 2013, we haved a great project with very great Video maker: Beatriz Barragan and Photographer: Marcin Dzieniszewski. They are so phantastic!
We would love to share with you this video!


Dance in Concert II on 27th of June, 2014

26. of June 2014, we made a mission impossible with different belly dace groups. We play our CD Album: Jin Peng (2011) and Invisible Message (2013), and the dancers dance during our live playing. They build stories on each music pieces from us, with there bodies, make the music alive, more meaning. We are happy to join this great project: Dance in Concert II, organized from Natalie Pichler-Hagge  and her eMotion Studio / Leipzig.

More Pictures is here.